Making Goals SMART

Science has shown that goals should be SMART:

Time Sensitive


Are Your Resolutions SMART? If you need SMARTer goals, See How to Make Goals Specific & Measurable for an easy to use formula.

Read more about SMART Goals: Bushwacking for Hipsters 4: Making Your Goals SMARTer at DIYPlanner.

Cal Wick has another take on it in the book “The Learning Edge”:

Select a goal
Map out the work required
Act on the plan
Review and evaluate
Target the next goal

According to How to Set SMART Goals at ProductiveFlourishing:

  • Simple
  • Meaningful
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Trackable

Adding in the Why from, Adding in A for Accountability for SMARTA Goals at

In addition, SMARTER goals can be Evaluated or Ethical and Recorded or Rewarded.

My own slightly modified version of SMART goals goes like this:

Specific action steps
Measure progress
Anticipate obstacles
Rewards provide motivation
Target date set

The questions are:

How do you make goals specific and measurable?

How do you break goals down into action steps?

How do you determine rewards and set target dates?

See also How To Measure Progress in Your Personal Goals from bufferapp

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