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Conquer Your Fears and Get Stuff Done

It’s easy to identify what it is that you are avoiding right this minute, but do you know why you are avoiding it? The key to changing resistance into motivation may be contained within the answer to that question. We all have times when

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Alex Vermeer on How to Get Motivated

This week I discovered Alex Vermeer’s posts on How To Get Motivated: A Guide for Defeating Procrastination. He includes a free poster with tips:, and two lead-up posts: How to Generally Reduce Procrastination and especially How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now, which the flowchart

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Combating Procrastination

Procrastination is something I think everyone has experienced. It’s a very common productivity problem, and on my list of top time wasters (with solutions.) See also “Why We Procrastinate.” I’ve thought about selling used books on Amazon as a possibility

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Time Wasters and Solutions

Problem: Interruptions Solutions: Create blocks of time with no calls or visitors. Position your desk away from the door. Set a time limit on meetings. Cue ending (“Before I get back to this project, is there anything else I can

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