Alex Vermeer on How to Get Motivated

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This week I discovered Alex Vermeer’s posts on How To Get Motivated: A Guide for Defeating Procrastination. He includes a free poster with tips:, and two lead-up posts: How to Generally Reduce Procrastination and especially How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now, which the flowchart is primarily based on. There’s also How We Use the Procrastination Equation, and a wonderful post about doing an annual review: “8,760 Hours: How to Get the Most From the Next Year,” which includes an 18 page free download. I’m so impressed with his work, and highly recommend spending some time there.

See the Visual Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

I still have much to learn from all of this great information, but here is an outline that links to some of the resources at the Daily PlanIt that tie in.

To overcome procrastination (and get motivated) you can: Increase Expectancy, Increase Value, Decrease Impulsiveness, and/or Decrease Delay.

Increase Expectancy

  • Check your mindset
  • Contrast
  • Accept
  • Plan for the worst, expect the best
  • Get inspired
  • Recognize success
  • Action is required

Increase Value

Decrease Impulsiveness

Decrease Delay

  • Have more immediate deadlines

Staying focused on what matters to us can be such a challenge! These methods can help us stay on track.

Get motivated with 25 Quotes and Affirmations to Finally Defeat Procrastination (plus 10 more to Overcome Fear!) and see 25 Quotes to Defeat Procrastination on a slideshare.

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