Who Are You? Part Six of Discover U

Get in touch with your authentic self as we continue with the Discover U series. Today you will develop a mission statement.

A mission statement describes your intention of how you will invest your energy. It is brief, focused, flexible, and feasible.

DIYPlanner has an excellent article about mission statements. Quintcareers also has a terrific series called the Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements. Check out What’s the Difference Between Mission and Vision? at Lifehack.org. Stephen R Covey is an authority on mission statements and I recommend going to the free Mission Statement Builder at his website to develop one.

Discover U in Ten Steps

  1. Discover your heroes
  2. Identify your strengths
  3. Explore your skills
  4. Examine your beliefs
  5. Look at your values
  6. Develop a mission statement
  7. Learn about your personality and interests
  8. Think about your talents and dreams
  9. Tell your story
  10. Express yourself

5 comments on “Who Are You? Part Six of Discover U

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  3. Discovering our authentic self is a quite challenging task. Lots of people are unabe during their whole life to find their authentic self, so for many people this idea will be scary and something to avoid, although at second thought, getting to know your real self, your inner yourself, must be a thrilling adventure.

    In my case, this post has helped me a lot, because I am now in the dicotomy of deciding if I want to get t know my inner self or not…

    Food for thought in any case….

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