Brand and Purpose Toolkit

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3 Steps to Define, Design and Deliver a personal brand. Download a handout of the brand process that includes benefits and the value they provide at Marketing U.

Step One: Define a Clear Brand Promise

  1. Download a Self Assessment form & explore links to online tools at Uncover Hidden Talents or
  2. Download a Personal Mission Statement Worksheet at Your Unique Selling Proposition
  3. Practice your Elevator Pitch
  4. Prepare to Expand


Free eBook on discovering what you are passionate about: How to Start a Fire | all the tools at

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Step Two: Design Compelling marketing materials to authentically express Personality.

  1. Concentrate: on the benefits you provide
  2. Choose: colors, fonts, and images
  3. Create: logo, business card, and tagline
  4. Communicate: use for resume, email, social media, and website

Step Three: Deliver the promise consistently. Always Be Communicating your value.

  1. Know your target audience (see the One Page Personal Strategic Plan)
  2. Use channels that will reach your target audience
  3. Learn how to sell the benefits
  4. Make it a WOW customer experience


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