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Many tools to develop a personal brand are also helpful for discovering purpose. First, identify your brand. Discover a compelling purpose with self-assessment, and Define a clear brand promise with a value statement (personal mission statement) to focus your soul attention. Next, Design a brand personality that communicates the value you provide, and Deliver with a position that connects users with a WOW experience. Download a handout of the brand process at Personal Branding for a Purpose.

Follow Four Steps to Discover, Define, Design and Deliver a personal brand at Marketing U.


Step One: Discover a Compelling Purpose

  1. Download a Self Assessment form & explore links to online tools at (the Talent Matrix Table is a more detailed form available at the Daily PlanIt Shop)
  2. Uncover hidden talents to find the intersection between what you are best at, what you love to do, and what the world needs most. (Links to online tools are also here & in the free ebook below.)
  3. Look for Clues to Purpose: what activities cause you to lose all track of time? what are you always chasing? what do you want to build?
  4. Download a Free eBook on discovering what you are passionate about: How to Start a Fire

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Step Two: Define a Clear Brand Promise

  1. Download a Personal Mission Statement Worksheet at Your Unique Selling Proposition.
  2. Focus on unique benefits and Always Be Communicating Value provided – what’s in it for them? Download a handout that shows benefits and the value they provide.
  3. Condense your value statement into an Elevator Speech and practice.
  4. Strategy for Mission (what), Vision (where), Purpose & Values (why),  and Goals (how).


Step Three: Design Creative marketing materials to authentically express Personality and the value of the benefits you provide. Learn more at the Marketing U post.

  1. Create an appealing brand message and connect with the power of storytelling. Download a Venn Diagram pdf. Use the seven beats of brand storytelling for stories that aim at the heart.
  2. Choose colors, fonts, and images
  3. Create logo, business card, and tagline
  4. Communicate brand with email, resume, social media, and website.

Step Four: Deliver the promise consistently. Follow the ABCs of Impact: Always Be Clear about how you will focus your soul attention. Always Be Connecting your actions with your value statement. Always be Communicating your purpose.

  1. Download a One Page Personal Strategic Plan
  2. Know your target audience – Download a Customer Persona template and see the Personas Pinterest board
  3. Use marketing channels and social media channels that will reach your target audience
  4. Design and Deliver a Delightful User Journey

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Tools from others:

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