On a Personal Note

Double Whammy

Whammy One

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I’ve subscribed to so many wonderful feeds that I must admit that I have difficulty keeping up with them. There are so many neat people out there! Sometimes I read them and there might be something wonderful that I need to refer to later, or some action I need to take later and so I mark them unread again. Before I knew it, I have such a backlog of unread feeds that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to catch up. Meanwhile, I’m missing the new news and life is zooming by. I don’t think this is the way Bloglines is really intended to be used.

Whammy Two

Sometimes I neglect to say the things I’d like to say, simply because I don’t want to bother anyone. I feel badly that Phil hasn’t felt well and that Chris lost his Gramps, and I feel badly that I haven’t said that to them. But they are both such incredibly busy people that I don’t know how they do it and I certainly don’t want to add to their burden. It’s beyond me how they have families, work, write, and meet as many people as they do and maintain relationships with them. I’m sure that I’ll never have the kind of energy they must possess! The only way I know them is from reading their blogs, but still it feels like I know them.

I know many people must have sent their messages of sympathy, and there would be too many to respond to. So I think my thoughts of sympathy and hope that those brainwaves will reach them without their having to take the time to read an email. Does this work? Of course not. No one can read minds even with people right in front of us, let alone over great distances. We have to say what we mean and say it well. I’m sure that they appreciate the thought, as a little kindness can never be wrong. We all matter to each other because we are all in this life together. So Phil, I hope you’re feeling better now. And Chris, I’m sorry for your loss.

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One comment on “On a Personal Note
  1. You are sweet, thanks for the kind words. I am almost back to 100%. LOTS of rest is the cure.

    And please, don’t ever feel like you are adding to the burden. E-mail, well wishes, comments, and prayers all help!

    Thanks for caring enough to post this. VERY wonderful, and VERYT appreciated.

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