Goal and Project Plans

Develop Goal and Project Plans with this printable worksheet (pdf)


  1. WHAT is the goal or project? What wording will describe it in SMART terms? What would the result look like? What are the chances of achieving it? What actions will need to be taken? What are the benefits of accomplishing it? Will it lead to learning, growth, and improvement? Will it contribute to long-range goals?
  2. HOW could it be accomplished? What resources will be needed? Are they available? Are the benefits of achieving the goal worth the investment of resources? How difficult is it? What obstacles will possibly be encountered? How will you solve them? Do you have all the information you need? How much do you want to achieve it? Do you have the Desire? Are you willing to make the commitment of resources required? How will you reward yourself for completing steps and the entire goal or project?
  3. WHEN will it be accomplished? How long would it take? What is a realistic target date based on difficulty level and available resources?
  4. WHY do you want to achieve this goal/project?
  5. WHICH will make best use of my talents and time? Which will provide the greatest value? Which give the best results for the least investment of resources? Which fit the mission statement most closely?
  6. WHO is involved? What is the effect on others? Will it benefit everyone involved? Who will be responsible for implementation?
  7. WHERE will it happen?

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