How to Set Goals

A Tutorial for Setting and Achieving Your Goals


Setting goals and taking steps to achieve them is like setting the GPS for a trip; goals are like a map to get you where you want to be. View GPS for your life (slideshare).


This free printable Goal Roadmap (pdf) has the action steps to take to set goals effectively. Find it and lots more at the Goal Toolkit.


Keys to get started: Know Yourself – uncover hidden talents and map your values.

Know your destination. A value statement is like a compass that always points in the right direction.


Fill ‘er up. The energy level gauge is a tool similar to a wheel of life to look at balance in life areas. Maximize energy and find money for goals.

Generate goal ideas in different life areas. Choose goals that will add value (goal chart – more forms for goals at the Goal ToolkitEvaluate goals and choose top priority goals. End goals lead to a meaningful journey.

PLAN IT – Map your route

Make goals SMART –  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Rewarded, Time-bound. Written goals are one of The Rules of Goals that The Science of Goals shows will increase chances of achievement.

Map a specific route. Break goals down into action steps and plan projects. Schedule action steps into your calendar. Plan long range and short range.

Make it measurable. Find a chart for tracking goal metrics at an annual review. Track results with a habit tracker, a Seinfeld chart, or goal charts for daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Apps can automate this for some goals, like fitness trackers or financial goals.

SMART goals are Relevant and Rewarded. They align with values and provide good return on investment. Set RPMS – Rewards Provide Motivation. Turn on inspiration and maintain motivation.

SMART goals are also Attainable and Time bound. Look at time frames and set target dates

Get in gear. Goals, by definition, can be challenging. The economy of goals means that the benefit of a goal must exceed the resources required to obtain it.  Anticipate obstacles and overcome procrastinationManage time well, because goals and productivity are like peanut butter and jelly. The better you manage your time, the more you will have for reaching your goals.

Keep goals visual and visible. Post a goal master list of the top priority goal in each life area. Monitor progress with a regular review, and adjust steering as needed. Celebrate success when a goal is reached, and choose another goal.


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  1. I just recently stumbled on this site, and I must say it has some gems of wisdom on it. This particular post is a great example. It provides a quick, down-and-dirty how-to on setting goals. I love the work you guys are doing. Keep it up!

  2. Tabs says:

    For an extremely visual person like me this article works like a charm, I can literally see what you are writing about, I look forward to exploring your site. Good work.

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