How to Set Goals

A Tutorial for Setting and Achieving Your GoalsGoalRoadmap

Setting goals and taking steps to achieve them is like setting the GPS for a trip; goals are like a map to get you where you want to be. Here is a fun free printable Goal Roadmap (pdf) with the action steps to take. The Daily PlanIt eBook, “Get Goaling” is a simple guide to set and achieve your goals.

  1. Know Yourself – Discover U.
  2. Get started with key values. Print the value map with life areas. (pdf). Think about what would fill your life with value (pdf) in each area.
  3. Know your mission with Stephen R Covey’s Mission Statement Builder. The closer your goals match your core personal values, the more built in motivation there is.
  4. Generate goals in various life areas. Choose a Goal Plan that is most likely to increase the area with the lowest level. Evaluate goals and choose a top priority goal.
  5. Develop a plan to make goals SMART -specific and measurable.
  6. Plan long range and short range.
  7. Map out a route.
  8. Break goals down into action steps.
  9. Measure results. Print a Goal Master List and Goal Charts to measure progress on quantifiable goals with numbers and use a rating scale from 1 to 5 for abstract goals.
  10. Anticipate obstacles.
  11. Set RPMS – Rewards Provide Motivation
  12. Look at time frames and set target dates.
  13. Fill ‘er up with energy.
  14. Turn on inspiration and maintain motivation. Keep goals visual and visible…Post a goal master list of the top priority goal in each life area.
  15. Act- Get in Gear!
  16. Monitor progress with weekly reviews, monthly reviews, and an annual review: adjust steering as needed.

Learn more: about The Science of Goals, and develop more goal skills (printable Goal Mastery pdf.) View GPS for your life (slideshare). Ask 10 Minutes 10 Questions for Goals. See also The Rules of Goals and The Economy of Goals.

Online Goal Setting Workshop from

Goals and Productivity are like peanut butter and jelly. Learn how to increase productivity with the Time Management 101 Tutorial.

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  1. I just recently stumbled on this site, and I must say it has some gems of wisdom on it. This particular post is a great example. It provides a quick, down-and-dirty how-to on setting goals. I love the work you guys are doing. Keep it up!

  2. For an extremely visual person like me this article works like a charm, I can literally see what you are writing about, I look forward to exploring your site. Good work.

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