Evaluating Ideas and Projects


Are you spending your time on projects that really contribute to your goals?


Project and Idea Evaluation

Take a closer look at your activities to see if they support your core value statement (Unique Selling Proposition or Mission Statement) and provide a good return on the investment (ROI) of the resources required to accomplish them. The main difference between projects and goals is the time frame. Projects are the step between goals and daily action. The process of planning is the same for both, and the same tools can be used for planning either projects or goals. Not all projects require this level of analysis, but it can be helpful with larger ones.


Step 1. First, CLARIFY the Idea/Project

What is the primary purpose? How well does it fit your value statement? What problem is solved? What are the features? (distinctive attributes) What are the benefits? (value added by the features) Why do you want to pursue this? For whom is the problem solved? What resources are needed to accomplish? Do the benefits of accomplishment outweigh the costs?

Step 2. PLAN

What will be the measure of success? Does the project/idea have high appeal? Is there really a need for the problem to be solved? Do people really want it? How much? What is the best way to test assumptions?

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PROCEED! Pursue projects and ideas with high ROI and appeal. You might like a Goal and Project Plan form to help identify action steps and priorities. Learn more at the free Goal Setting Tutorial.


What pictures and graphics capture the project/idea? What inspired the project/idea? Why do you want to solve this problem? What are your values, and how does the project/idea fit with them? What would it look like if you are completely successful in accomplishing it?

Step 4. CREATE

What marketing materials will you create to communicate your project/idea? What channels will best reach the target audience? How can you Design and Deliver a Delightful User Journey and provide a WOW customer experience? Are there benefits of connecting with others? Who are potential partners?


Download a Free printable  Project/Idea Evaluation Form (pdf) and Project/Idea Evaluation Questions (pdf)

Project evaluation has been helping me understand why it is important to me to continue to spend time researching and writing articles for the Daily PlanIt. The website is a good fit with my core value statement:

“I create tools and share information for developing work and life skills.”

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More Project Planning Forms at PEP Worldwide | Project Form (pdf) from Flipping Heck

Learn more: IDEAS Criteria from Productivityist

More Tools at the Branding Toolkit & Change Toolkit

I seek to create order from the chaos of complex information. Join me at the Daily PlanIt to gain insights, inspiration, and information to increase skills for a better life. I unlock the power of teaching reading with phonics in the pursuit of literacy at www.phonicspow.com. In my spare time I explore books and movies, often choosing titles available on both screen and page.

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