Evaluating Ideas and Projects

Are you spending your time on projects that really contribute to your goals? projectfiles

Take a closer look at your activities to see if they support your core value statement (Unique Selling Proposition or Mission Statement) and provide a good return on the investment (ROI) of the resources required to accomplish them. The main difference between projects and goals is the time frame. Projects are the step between goals and daily action. The process of planning is the same for both, and the same tools can be used for planning either projects or goals.magnifyingglass

Step 1. First, describe the Idea/Project: the features and benefits, & why you are interested in it.


Features (distinctive attributes) Benefits (value added by the features)
Describe why you want to do the Idea/Project: Motivation (make money, help others, etc)


Step 2. Then compare the importance of each Idea/Project to your core value statement.

Your core value statement (USP, Mission):
Importance level to core value statement High | Medium | Low
Effectiveness for accomplishing goals High | Medium | Low
Return on Investment (ROI) Do Benefits outweigh Costs?
BENEFITS of accomplishment COSTS of Resources (time, money, etc)

yes button

Step 3. If you decide to proceed, make a plan…what are the steps you need to accomplish next?

Action steps:
Inspire/Promote with:
Image (photo, graphic) that conveys the Idea/Project:
Slogan or tagline:


Free printable Project Evaluation Form (pdf)

This has been helping me understand why it is important to me to continue to spend time researching and writing articles for the Daily PlanIt. The website is a good fit with my core value statement:

“I create tools and share information for developing work and life skills.”

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Project Planning Forms at PEP Worldwide | Project Form (pdf) from Flipping Heck

Learn more: Article at DEG Consulting, Principles of Project Management course at Open2Study.com, IDEAS Criteria from Productivityist

More Tools at the Branding Toolkit & Change Toolkit

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I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively. I'm highly interested in the areas of goal setting, time management, and skills to improve life.

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