On Batteries and Energy

My laptop computer battery was dead, and could not function without being plugged into current. I recently installed a new battery, for greater workflow functionality. If I forget I’m not plugged in and the battery wears out, my computer suddenly crashes without warning. How I wish it would give me even the smallest sign that it’s time to plug in and recharge, before the screen suddenly goes blank, leaving whatever I was working on somewhere out there! I know the importance of frequently saving work and ideas to avoid their permanent loss, but inevitably something vital falls into the void. A computer or cellphone with a dead battery just isn’t able to function when you may need it most.

It occurs to me that there are parallels in this story to the energy we all need to function well. How long does your battery last, and how do you re-charge? (the things we are thankful for often re-charge our energy) Do you have an early warning signal when your battery gets low?

I write about goal setting, time management, and other skills for personal development, happiness, and a productive life. My fascination with phonics and the pursuit of literacy is shared at www.phonicspow.com. I enjoy reading books and watching movies based on the screen and page method.

Posted in personal development, productivity

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