Coping Skills Toolkit

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SOS is the Power of the Pause
 Stop – pause & notice
 Observe – events → thoughts → feelings
 Shift – engage coping skills

Breathe Deeply

Standing Meditation

  1. Imagine you are standing on an ocean beach.
  2. Hear the sounds of ocean waves.
  3. See the blue sky and green palm trees.
  4. Smell the sweet scent of colorful flowers.
  5. Feel the warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze, and the sand beneath your feet.
  6. Inhale deeply as you stretch up to the sky, breathing in hope, peace, serenity, and calm.
  7. Slowly exhale as you reach toward your toes, letting go of all tensions and worries.

Manage emotions

Watch video: Emotions and the brain (2:00). If a fight or flight reaction is triggered, chemical flooding takes place and hijacks the thinking part of the brain. Engage in coping strategies like deep breathing or taking a walk. It takes 20 minutes to return to normal. Notice what your body is telling you.

Sleep well

  • 4 -7 -8 breathing
  • Listen to: Delta Sleep System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson or piano music by Kevin Kern

More on Emotional Intelligence, how to Breathe, and Meditate

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