Flea Market Booth Ideas

On July 1st, we moved into a booth at the Fleamart in Independence, Missouri. We had been on the waiting list awhile until one became open, and I spent the time planning and getting as ready as possible before the big day. I looked for display ideas and added Flea Market Booth Ideas on a Pinterest board. We investigated prices of things, which were surprising sometimes. Who knew a Tater Twister would be worth so much?! (It makes great curly French Fries, but no longer fits our now low carb diet.) We found the hutch cabinet at a garage sale, and after cleaning it up and refreshing the stain it looks pretty good! We added a light and my husband put a lock on the door. We got extra keys made and were ready to go.

The booth we got has a column in it which turned out to be challenging to work around. Some of the ideas I had for setting up the display didn’t work out, but I’m still pleased with what we came up with.

Flea Market Booth

I really enjoy adding value to something, like the jars I made into solar lights or filled with peppermint bath salts.


…and the rose candle holders I made from glassware.


What kind of things do people actually want to have or give as gifts? What makes you say, “I want that!”? I think people are probably looking for something unique. Yesterday I took some time studying other booths to see what they are selling and how they’ve arranged things. It’ll be a continuous process to add to and improve the booth.

Our main goal has been to declutter and get rid of stuff we don’t need or use. Will this turn out to be a profitable venture? Will it be worth all the time and effort? It remains to be seen! Hopefully this will turn out to be a fun hobby that generates a stream of revenue.

UPDATE: We pulled out of the FleaMart Booth at the end of August. It may not have been the best time of year to try it, but we found the return for our effort simply wasn’t worth it. Still, we did get rid of some stuff! It was very interesting to see what people would buy, and what they wouldn’t. I learned that I am not very good at guessing this!

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