Optimize Your Day With the Science of Productivity

ResearchSometimes there is resistance to the idea of a routine, but the most productive people follow a routine-www.bakadesuyo.com. Putting the things we need to do on a regular basis on autopilot allows us to focus on more important matters. Studies have revealed statistics about the effects of interruptions and multi-tasking, the best environments for productivity and more. Do some experiments to see how you work best, and shape your daily routine (as much as possible) with these results from research in the area of productivity. While some aspects may not be within our control depending on our workplace, others may be possible to regulate.
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A Daily Routine based on the Science of Productivity







Time Use

Learn more about productivity at the free tutorial Time Management 101. See also the Science of Goals infographic.

Book: Read “When” by Dan Pink, Watch interview at CBS News

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