Letters With More Than One Sound: the Consonants

When the same letters make more than one sound, you really know that English is Weird.

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The letters C and G can make hard or soft sounds.

C is hard before A, O & U. With the others, a soft C will do.


G is often hard before A, O & U. With the others, a soft G will often do.


(But this is not always true, which you know if you get a gift given to you!)

WATCH: Letter C &Letter G PLAY ONLINE Hard and Soft C and G games at eslphonicsworld.com

When the K sound is heard at the beginning of a word:

K takes i & e, C takes the other three.


When the K sound is heard at the end of a word:

A CK is often needed after a vowel that is short. The K needs help to make it work.


Artwork copyrighted by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator, www.MARKiX.net. Used with permission.

With a consonant between it is a new task, it takes just a k so remember to ask. Drink milk, dunk a basket, or honk at an elk: the consonant means there is only a k.

Don’t panic, but there’s one more thing to see. Some two syllable words with a short I only need c. (like a picnic in the attic, it’s a little like magic.)

The rest of the time, a k is just fine. For words with bossy r, and vowel teams that are long or diphthongs, a k on it’s own will park. (The beak of a hawk, a look at a book, a weak croak from a throat, a stork with a fork, a dog that will bark.)

A set of anchor charts, and worksheets and word sorts for the /k/ sound at the beginning and end of words is available at TeachersPayTeachers. Learn more about spelling the K sound from thisreadingmama, and WATCH ck at Kids vs Phonics, Using ck or k from Nessy Spelling. CK Strategy from Sue’s Strategies

Note that many online games require flash and may not work well on mobile devices. Downloading the Mozilla Firefox browser can be helpful.

PLAY ONLINE Picture Palace from literactive.

PLAY PRINTABLES Consonant Variations Soccer Sort Games include Hard and Soft C and G, and K or CK ending, available at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The letter S can also make more than one sound. S can say snake, probably everyone knows. It can also say /z/ when a nose smells a rose. PLAY ONLINE S sounds at wordgametime.com

These guidelines may help you to figure out the many sounds you will discover all about.

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