Reading Lesson Plan

This plan to follow for tutoring students learning to read was Inspired by Phonics Intervention from Sarah’s First Grade Snippets. The amount of time spent on different activities varies depending on the needs of the student. The assessments at the end of this post help know where to start. These activities can begin once letter names and sounds have been learned. Download a printable pdf of ideas for tutoring sessions here.


Review vowel sounds: Beginners-short or long vowel chart, More Advanced-the Vowel Patterns grocery store chart

Review phonograms with Quizlet flashcards

Phonemic Awareness (using voice only)

  • Segmenting: tutor says word, student takes apart syllables or separate sounds in a word
  • Blending: tutor says separate syllables or sounds in a word, student puts them together to say the word.
  •  Phonemic Awareness Symbaloo & Symbaloo of Literactive Games (on PC)


Review skills from last lesson


Introduce a new skill, following sequence as the student is ready.

Word families for the pattern: little bunny sliders. Printable pdf of word families with phonics patterns.

DECODE (read)

Word Sorts

Look for patterns

Automaticity: Read sentences with the target skill at

ENCODE (put letter sounds into writing)

Build words (with magnetic whiteboard and letters, or online magnetic letters from

  • Tutor says a word, “how many sounds do you hear? What is the first sound? Etc.” Student uses letter tiles to build it, then writes it.

Manipulate words

Pattern matching

  • Write words with the patterns in columns under the correct pattern – Bookmark freebie


Reading passage from Progressive Phonics. See also Decodable books from Harcourt: k6 | 1Emergent & Transitional Readers w/audio from shala-books.

Review sight words with Quizlet flashcards and free bookmarks from Super Tutor Tools 

Encode sight words with Sight Words Audible from Mr. Nussbaum


Literacy Resources ( has assessments for:

  • letter names and sounds skills
  • phonemic awareness skills

National Right to Read Foundation ( Reading Competency Test Reading Competency TestPart 1 – Phonics Patterns, Part 2 – Reading Level

Symbaloo of Literacy Tools, including APPS: Quizlet, allaboutlearningpress, kids vs phonics, Arcademics

To learn about phonics basics and for quick access to resources and games at the Daily Planit, download a free ebook: “Phonics FUNdamentals plus online games to practice reading skills.” Explore the Phonics Toolkit here at the Daily Planit and my resources available at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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