The Building Blocks of Positive Shift: BE MEASURING


The building blocks of positive shift are not complicated. You likley have heard of some of them before. Many of them are simple, and most of them are not hard to do. Why, then, do we often fail to practice them? They require an investment of time, and we may be so busy and distracted that we forget the convincing research on the Benefits of Happiness Habits in Infographics. I’m positive you will gain many benefits if you practice the activities have been shown to increase well-being by studies in the field of Positive Psychology. Learn more with resources at The Positive Shift Happens Toolkit

BEMEASURING Building Blocks pdf

Breathe: breathe deeply

Exercise: regular physical exercise

Meditate: practice focused attention, returning wandering thoughts back to the focus point

Emotionally Aware: understand your own emotions and empathize with others

Aspire: take action toward meaningful goals

Share & Spirituality: volunteer or contribute to a cause you believe in, perform random acts of kindness, connect with a higher power or philosophical and religious beliefs

Uplift: yourself with positive music and thoughts, and others with kind words

Relate: spend time interacting with people

In Flow: use the talents that cause you to lose track of time

Notice: look up, be aware and mindful, pay attention, smell the roses. Plan and anticipate activities, remember good times.

Gratitude: begin the day with appreciation, and end it by thinking of a few things you are grateful for. Thank those you are grateful for.

While the first letters of these activities happen to spell BE MEASURING, it is not usually important to measure them! What is important, is to make them a regular part of your life. The building blocks fall into the Four Ps of Positive Psychology: Power Up, Pause, People, and Purpose, with three in each area.

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