Repeating Tasks

When you put repeating or recurring tasks on autopilot, you free your mind for more important matters.

We all face routine tasks to maintain our home, and most jobs involve regular duties that must be completed. It’s important to have a method for them to pop up on your radar to deal with them, without cluttering up your to do list.

What are the tasks that you must accomplish on a regular basis at work and at home? Identify the repeating tasks that must be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis at home and work. Time yourself as you perform the tasks for an estimated time, and note if the task is best performed at a certain time or place, if peak time or a tool is needed, etc.

You can simply use a repeating task checklist, or use separate lists according to frequency:

Monthly repeating tasks may be financial, goals, or for work or home. You may want to include some Master Tasks-the most important tasks that add value if you do them. See Before you create a To-Do List at Michael Hyatt.

See also the Annual Review Metrics form at An Annual Review.

Tips for dealing with repeating tasks: Use checklists, have a system for handling them, use a tickler file, include them in your daily routine.

Printable Repeating Tasks Worksheet (pdf) at Sellfy

@Work: check job description or O*Net

@Home: Printable Home Duties List (pdf) at Sellfy. See Also Cleaning Checklists at Household Notebook




More Reading: repeating tasks at the Daily PlanIt Wiki

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This is one of the weekly activities for a Year of Personal Development.

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