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End Goals Lead to a Meaningful Journey

I came across a BIG idea recently. In the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” Vishen Lakhiani talks about the difference between means goals and end goals. Means goals vs End goals A means goal is motivated by the

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Smart Skills Trading Cards

GREAT Skills are smart! This set of Trading Cards is about Positive Psychology. Set One includes four cards: Martin Seligman – Pillars of Wellbeing Mihaly Csikszentmikalyi – Flow Carol Dweck – Mindset Tal BenShahar – Happiness Links to TED Talks and videos

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Benefits of 11 Happiness Habits in Infographics

See the benefits of the BE MEASURING happiness habits. Just click on each of the images below to see the full infographic. Breathe Deeply Exercise Meditation Emotional Awareness Aspire Sharing Uplift Relate In Flow Notice Gratitude All the infographics in a

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I made myself a visual reminder for the BE MEASURING happiness habits: Happiness Habits: Breathe Deeply Exercise Meditate Emotionally Aware Aspire Share Uplift Relate In Flow Notice Gratitude I printed these photos, cut them out and glued them to tags.

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Apps for Happiness and Personal Development

BE MEASURING for more Happiness and Personal Development When I first wrote the Year of Personal Development series my focus was on free printable tools, but now many apps have been created that could be helpful tools to add happiness

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Happiness Based on Science and Positive Psychology

Can we increase our happiness quotient? See the Benefits of 11 Happiness Habits in Infographics. Research in the science of Positive Psychology has identified factors that influence our happiness.  Sonja Lyubomirsky, a leader in the field of Positive Psychology describes

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