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A lot of my knowledge of personal development was learned in the school of hard knocks. (That, and a lot of reading) I’m confident I can point you to some great experts in these areas of personal development. For each area, I asked myself the question: “If you could only read one book or listen to one expert, which one would it be?” In many areas, there was a clear stand-out, in my opinion. But in some cases, it was impossible to pick only one. For example, there are far too many in the area of Home Helpers to pick only one. I’m certain there are good choices on the list, but I welcome suggestions for additions, especially in the areas of Financial, Recreational, Physical & Spiritual. The experts vary widely in how active they are on the Internet and how much they freely share. Some are sadly no longer with us. Most have at least one book, which you can probably borrow for free from your local library. So there’s no excuse not to learn!

Big Name Experts in Personal Development

Bloggers: see my list of Top Ten Personal Development Sites, and
the sidebar links under Personal Development. There’s a list of 100 top sites at






  • Communication: Matthew McKay | Book: “Messages”
  • Networking:
  • Scott Ginsburg | Website |
  • Tim Sanders Website | Facebook | Youtube | Book: “The Likeabilty Factor”


  • Richard Nelson Bolles | Website | Facebook | Youtube | Book: “What Color is Your Parachute”
  • Marcus Buckingham | Website | Book: “Now Discover Your Strengths”
  • “The Big Book of Jobs”






see also Famous Spiritual & Religious Leaders at


Work Skills

Communication –




Social Media:

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