Personal Development Tools

See Resources for more toolkits.

Please note that there is now a separate Brand and Purpose Toolkit and some tools have been moved there…check it out! There is now a separate Annual Review Toolkit with 27 printable tools in one pdf. There you will find a weekly & monthly review tracker, annual review metrics form, and a form for resolutions. See also the new Make Shift Happen Toolkit.

Free tools from the Daily PlanIt


A Year of Personal Development challenge has many tools for personal development, including:


GREAT Skills Trading Cards:

More tools for work:

Happiness Toolkit


Tools for following the practices found by Positive Psychology to increase happiness & well-being are moving to the Make Shift Happen Toolkit.


Learn more about Daily PlanIt Tools for sale at the Daily PlanIt Shop

Free Tools from Others:

Tools from others at A Year of Personal Development. Here are just some of them:

The Brand and Purpose Toolkit includes tools for identifying passion and purpose, building a mission statement, and more. Check it out!

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