Personal Development Tools

See Resources for more toolkits. Especially helpful for personal development are the: Brand and Purpose Toolkit, the Make Shift Happen Toolkit, the Coping Skills Toolkit, the Annual Review Toolkit, and the Work Skills Toolkit. Okay, pretty much all of them!

Free tools from the Daily PlanIt


A Year of Personal Development challenge has many tools for personal development, including:


GREAT Skills are a) in demand in the workplace b) rarely taught, and c) very helpful in all areas of life! GREAT Skills Trading Cards provide key information from experts for learning these skills.

GREAT Skills Trading Cards:

Happiness Toolkit


Tools for following the practices found by Positive Psychology to increase happiness & well-being are at the Make Shift Happen Toolkit.


Learn more about Daily PlanIt Tools for sale at the Daily PlanIt Shop

Free Tools from Others:

Tools from others at A Year of Personal Development. Here are just some of them:

The Brand and Purpose Toolkit includes tools for identifying passion and purpose, building a mission statement, and more. Check it out!

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