Organizing Photos

I've never been that great a photographer, which is why a digital camera is so appealing to me. If I take a terrible photo, I'm not wasting film! A simple press of the button and it's gone. It's wonderful to be able to save photos digitally. However, even though I don't take great quantities of pictures, it is still a challenge to keep them organized.

Since different cameras and computers come with different programs for handling photos, everyone has to figure this out on an individual basis. But one thing I've learned could be universally helpful, and that is to immediately take the time to name each photo when you have downloaded them. Otherwise, the random numbers that are generated are no help in locating the one you are looking for at a later time. They can quickly become overwhelming.

It's a good idea to set up logical folders for each vacation or holiday, family and friends, etc. and take the time to back up files or archive them by burning a CD. Time spent in learning about digital photography is an investment that will pay off.

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