Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story is Part Nine of Ten Steps to Discover U.


Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate. A well told story can capture attention, connect us with others, and shape behavior. To identify a personal brand is to know yourself so you can always be communicating the value of you – who you are, what you provide, the benefits of working with you. Share the knowledge you gain from self assessment with the Discover U series in a story.

  • Grab interest with novelty, practical information, and emotional content.
  • AIM at the heart.
  • Build in desire with the value to them. Go straight to meeting needs.
  • Ask for what you want in a call to action.

Travel back in time to write the history of your life. For some, this can be a fun exercise. For others painful memories may be resurrected. But whatever our past has been, a look back can help us to move forward.

How to Tell Your Story of Self at

  1. Challenge – what challenges have you faced?
  2. Choice – what did you do?
  3. Outcome – what was the result? how did you change?

Study the art of storytelling: Links at the Storytelling pinterest board.

Discover U in Ten Steps

  1. Discover your heroes
  2. Identify your strengths
  3. Explore your skills
  4. Examine your beliefs
  5. Look at your values
  6. Develop a mission statement
  7. Learn about your personality and interests
  8. Think about your talents and goals
  9. Tell your story
  10. Express yourself

Personal Development Toolkit at Resources

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