My Ideal Time Management System

I’ve been so impressed by the forms generated by David Seah on his Printable CEO blog. With his wonderful imagination he brings fun and a sense of play to time management. His concrete goals tracker is geared to his field, but the point system could be modified for regular people with a combination of ideas for setting priorities from Stephen R Covey’s time management matrix and Julie Morgenstern’s Return on Investment ideas from her book “Making Work Work.” The result might look something like this:

10-High Return on Investment
10-Deadline Due Today

5-Contributes to goals
5-Few Steps to Results
5-Few Resources Needed


When I bounced the idea off David, he made a good case for leaving negativity out of it! (as in losing points for wasting time) I also like the idea of keeping a daily progress chart with different colors for the top goal in six life areas, then combining the totals into a weekly score card. Somehow, we need to get credit for the things we hafta do on a regular basis. It would be good to have a visual representation of a reward that we get upon completion of a goal or when we earn a certain amount of points.

Here’s my dream for an ideal time management system. It would have customizable databases where you could input your repeating tasks and work duties which you could then click and drag to your to-do list. It would incorporate menu selection for the week which would then generate a grocery list. Of course action items for projects and goals would be included. There would be a pull-down menu to select rewards from, and one to set priority levels to gain points with. It would calculate points earned and tasks that would fit available time. Meetings and appointments from the calendar and reminders of due dates and birthdays along with actions for self-development would seamlessly flow into the system with everything else. Emails that are incoming tasks could be dragged into the appropriate project folder and associated with a date due. For ease of entry, it needs to have voice recognition like in Star Trek. And it needs to sync to a PDA for portability.

What else can you dream up? And who is willing to make this for me?!

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3 comments on “My Ideal Time Management System
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  2. Great time management post! I also agree with keeping negativity out of the point scale.

  3. I appreciate your website greatly. Will read more. Keep up to excellent posting on it. Thank you

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