You’ve Got the Music in You

What are five things you can’t live without?

One of my answers to this question was: music. Now music is important to lots of people, but until that answer popped into my head, I hadn’t realized precisely how important it was to me, and I’ve made a point of listening more often. I’ve been exploring sites like Pandora and and finding groups I never would have known I might like. Instead of passively taking in music that others have chosen, you have the power to actively select the music you like. I also want to make a collection of upbeat songs like Jump, Walking on Sunshine…For inspiration, The Self Help Diva lists her top uplifting songs.

I’m looking for just the right mix of music to listen to, movies to watch, books and blogs to read…

  • Lyrics to “You’ve Got the Music in You” by New Radicals.
  • dMarie time capsule: enter a date, and it lists top songs (as well as headlines, tv shows, and more!)


Inspired by Starbucker and Shai Coggins, I’ve been working on this project. I have ten songs selected so far that I find upbeat:

Chesney Hawks-I am the one and only

Alannah Myles-Black Velvet

Pointer Sisters-Jump

Van Halen-Jump

Katrina and the Waves-I’m walking on sunshine

Carly Simon-Let the river run

Monkees-Daydream Believer

Steve Martin-King Tut

England Dan and John Ford Coley-Love is the answer

While You See a Chance-Steve Winwood

I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively. I'm highly interested in the areas of goal setting, time management, and skills to improve life.

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One comment on “You’ve Got the Music in You
  1. Shai Coggins says:

    So, did you get your list up and going? 🙂

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