I want to highlight a comment by Andy of Naunce Labs that just might make me re-think my opinon of contexts. (darn it!) By the way, I’m very intrigued by what they are working on there and will be watching for what they come up with. Here’s what Andy had to say about contexts:

As a GTD freak maybe I can shine some extra light.

Contexts are important because they are an axis just like your time and your energy should be axes too. You may have access to a computer and a phone 24×7, but you’re not always talking, and you’re not always typing.

When you do want to make calls, it’s good to see what’s available within that specific context of telephony. You should also pay attention to how much time and energy it will require you to do an item while at that context.

If you have a lot of time but no energy that automatically scopes you into a certain flow. You’re not going to want to make two huge client calls, you’re going to want a series of low hanging fruit / easy wins.

It’s one of the more interesting things that isn’t written as much as David says at seminars but you need to be aware of the other things that make sorting, defining, and doing, those lists easier. That’s being more aware of your own state at the time of decision making.

A lot of applications/solutions forget this part and thus fall back into the ‘each list is either attracting or repelling you’, which most of us are probably being repelled by our solutions.

The idea of paying attention to amount of available energy as well as to the amount of available time is good to be reminded about. This was in the workflow chart I recently mentioned….sometimes I need to see/hear stuff several times before I get it!

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One comment on “Contexts
  1. Andy C says:

    Hey thanks for the honorable mention. 🙂 Wisdom wouldn’t be hard earned if we didn’t hurt ourselves getting there.

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