A paper planner tool for the weekly review


My paper planner began gathering dust as I switched to an Android smartphone and tablet. I transformed it into a tool to use at my desk for the weekly review. This clarified the process for me and makes it more visual. I spiffed it up with custom tabs and slash pockets from Day Runner. My tabs are: Today’s Schedule, Projects, Goals, Follow-up, Ideas, and Notes.

Set Up Part One

Permanent printable information to consult on each process:

Set Up Part Two

Personal lists that change frequently:

  • To Do List (next actions)
  • Repeating tasks
  • Projects
  • Goals
  • Follow up
  • Mission statement
  • Ideas

I now use Google Task Taskary is my go-to app for my to-do list. (see Android Apps for Productivity) The other lists I keep in Google Drive, but sometimes forget to look at them. I like to print the frequently changing lists during the weekly review, and put them in the slash pockets. This makes them more visually accessible than a computer list and more visually attractive than a hand-written, scribbled up paper version. There are also adhesive plastic pockets (the kind for business cards or floppy disks) applied to the index tab dividers to hold information. My to-do list I print out and keep in a leather holder with blank index cards for notes on the other side. I add tasks via Google Tasks when I’m at the computer, or via the apps on my smartphone or tablet. To print the to-do list, the Gtasks app works best for sending myself an email. I then copy the list from email, paste it into a word processor and delete the repeating tasks that I don’t need. I also print a monthly Google Calendar for my desk with events, regularly scheduled meetings, and birthdays. This seems to work best when printed from the Chrome browser.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Review of Projects list on a yellow legal pad and to-do list in leather index card holder

Update: Four free printable planner inserts, and four more.

The portable gtd mini system includes nine information cards in one pdf file, folded productivity info, and folded goal info.

See also: Planning & Weekly Review

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  1. Gabe says:

    Nice post. Would it be possible to some how package all your PDF’s for this into a single file for users to download? That would be super swell!

  2. Bill says:

    I use a hybrid system (half paper / half Outlook) in my productivity system as well. I’ve tried to eliminate paper several times, but I keep coming back to it. It seems to be a combination of the visual layout and physical motion (writing / moving pages) that makes paper ideal for certain things.

    Right now, I use a paper planner from the Bubble Planner for my daily and weekly reviews. The activity log is perfect for tuning up my system. Outlook is still my preference for both the Calendar and Contacts.

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