A Networking Game Card

Yesterday I read “Hate Networking? Turn it into a Game” by Minda Zetlin on Inc., and I just couldn’t help myself: I made a game card based on the post.


Download the Networking Game Card (pdf)

Plan to attend four events and four or more conversations per event. Follow-up with four contacts that you make. Some good ways to follow-up are to offer some useful information, offer to introduce others you know with similar interests, or invite to meet for coffee.

Small Talk and Conversation Starters

Small talk about inconsequential matters has a place when getting to know people and cultivating relationships. Sometimes more meaningful discussions can deepen relationships as you learn more. Knowing some conversation starters can be helpful. Try the Conversation Bingo below and find more ideas at the Conversation Starters Pinterest Board. The Journal Prompts are also good conversation starters.


How about playing a little Conversation Bingo? Check out the Networking Pinterest Board too.

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