Skills Employers Want #10 – Ability to Sell or Influence Others

The ability to sell or influence others is the number ten skill on the list of top ten skills employers are looking for. Selling is something we all must do at times, whether we are at a job interview or pitching an idea to a supervisor or investor. It involves communicating clearly who you are, what you want to do and why in a captivating way.

Resources for learning sales skills:


Presentations are often a critical part of selling an idea or pitching a product. Learn how to develop an effective presentation with the following resources:

The ability to tell a story is an important part of communicating a message. Check out Entrepreneurial Selling with Craig Wortman at Kauffman Founders School.

From the article “6 Easy-to-Steal Rituals of Extremely Successful People” at

“Selling is convincing other people of the benefits of working directly with YOU.”

All of the successful business owners they interviewed feel that the ability to sell themselves, their ideas, and what they have to offer is the one skill that most contributes to their success. The resources in this post can help you learn and develop these skills.


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