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Relationships are an important part of our happiness. To cultivate relationships, combine sharing with emotional intelligence, and add excellent communication skills, especially listening. Understand the importance of love languages, loving actions, and being authentic. For close relationships, know what you want, identify needs and meet needs with love, and learn effective conflict resolution skills. Learn more with love books, including “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.

To stay connected with friends, family, or a partner, be prepared with ideas for activities to spend time together.

Game Ideas

Fun games are a great way to connect: Board games like Scrabble or Wahoo, Card games like Golf, Hearts, or Uno, Dice Games like Skunk, Farkle (scoresheets), or Qwixx (scoresheets), Apps like Heads Up or Things. Crossyroad, with multi-player over local wi-fi for Android. Learn how to play some of these games with videos at this Youtube playlist.

Socially Distanced Options: Schedule a time that works for everyone with Set up a game room to play Uno and Farkle (plus more) at with no registration required, or multi-player Uno at At trickster cards, you can practice against the computer, join a game, or create or join a game with friends. Play Qwixx online against a bot or invite others to join you at botwise games. Read books with grandkids with the Caribu app.

Date Night Ideas

A date night could include: dancing, dinner out, game night, a movie, or pizza night. Other options are seasonal bucket lists, and other activities to share. A Penny Date can add some randomness: your partner chooses a number between 10-20 (that’s the # of times you’ll flip the penny) Heads is right, and Tails left. Flip the penny at every junction until the number is reached. Look around for something to do! Here are some date night ideas for each month of the year:

1. Video game arcade
2. Fancy Restaurant
3. Board or card game
4. Brunch
5. Miniature golf
6. Restaurant with music
7. Swimming pool
8. Outdoor concert
9. Lakeside picnic
10. Bingo
11. Coffee House music
12. Christmas lights and hot chocolate

The Relate File includes 3 x 5 cards for:

  • The Five Love Languages
  • Conversation Starters
  • Date Night Ideas
  • Seasonal Bucket Lists
  • A- Z activities
  • Game Ideas

Download a free printable Relate File pdf

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Sharing is Caring includes a Share File with recipes, menus for easy entertaining, ideas for seasonal treats and other treats to share.

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