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Productivity is a key skill that employers look for, but that is not often taught. Here are some resources to learn about productivity.


Two great very short videos from Epipheo to get started.

In just under 10 minutes, the Penguin Prof condenses Randy Pausch’s longer lecture below that is aimed at college students but has helpful information for everyone.

Randy Pausch’s Lecture on Time Management is almost an hour and a half, time well spent.

TED Talks

David Allen TED Talk Art of Stress Free Productivity (Author of Getting Things Done)

Tony Schwartz TED Talk The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

Scott Belsky’s TED Talk on Making Ideas Happen

A video series from Michael Sliwinski, founder of Nozbe, an app with a monthly fee after 30 days.

Brendan Burchard, author of “The Charge.” outlines how to use his one page productivity planner available at http://www.thechargebook.com/resources-downloads

A few more to check out at makeuseof.com

https://developers.google.com/youtube/images/YouTube_logo_stacked_white.pngThe Daily PlanIt Productivity Youtube Playlist.

Learn more:


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  1. […] Learn About Productivity includes videos and articles about the science of productivity. […]

  2. […] Learn About Productivity includes videos and articles about the science of productivity. […]

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