To the point of no return(s)

Interruptions and Distractions

Over at Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra talks about Is Twitter Too Good? There’s a great illustration about how the newfangled ability to be constantly connected interrupted and distracted has shot dramatically up. How can we focus and accomplish great things something anything? We need to be aware and take control of our tools! Know when you’re at the point of low return(s) and absolutely pull the plug when you’re at the point of NO return(s)!

By the way, some blogs I read to kick-start, dial-up, get in touch with, and just plain old inspire creativity. Creating Passionate Users is awesome for this! Sometimes I do serendipitous typing, and ended up with Crating Passionate Users…no, no, no…we definitely do not want to box up our users or our creativity. Think outside the box!

One comment on “To the point of no return(s)

  1. Wasn’t familiar with Cr(e)ating passionate users – loved the rundown of application types! Wondered what type the KLC would be… 8)

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