Practice Gratitude

Spiritual: Keep a gratitude journal

Studies consistently show that people who keep a gratitude journal are 25 percent happier than those who don’t!

GratitudeBenefitsBenefits of Gratitude:

A gratitude journal is a powerful tool to increase awareness of the blessings in our lives. Simply write down a few things you are grateful for each day.

Tools to use:

1. A weekly printable Gratitude Journal (pdf)

GratitudeJournal2. An app for smartphones and tablets-there are many available. Android Gratitude apps to try: Secret of Happiness (a 30 day challenge) or Attitudes of Gratitude.

3. Create a Gratitude Gram at

Your Mission:

Try it for a week, and you will likely continue the practice of gratitude.

I will practice gratitude by writing down a few things I am grateful for, every day this week in a gratitude journal. I will thank someone I am grateful for, either verbally, or with an email or thank you card at least once.

Learn more:

Simple things to be grateful for:

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