Practice Gratitude

Spiritual: Keep a gratitude journal

Studies consistently show that people who keep a gratitude journal are 25 percent happier than those who don’t!

GratitudeBenefitsBenefits of Gratitude:

A gratitude journal is a powerful tool to increase awareness of the blessings in our lives. Simply write down a few things you are grateful for each day.

Tools to use:

1. A weekly printable Gratitude Journal (pdf)

GratitudeJournal2. is an online gratitude journal. Many apps are available for smartphones and tablets. Gratitude Garden is available for both Android and ios. Android Gratitude app to try:  Attitudes of Gratitude.

Your Mission:

Try it for a week, and you will likely continue the practice of gratitude.

I will practice gratitude by writing down a few things I am grateful for, every day this week in a gratitude journal. I will thank someone I am grateful for, either verbally, or with an email or thank you card at least once.

Learn more:

Simple things to be grateful for:

Gifts of Appreciation combine gratitude with Random Acts of Kindness. These small gifts (often candy or other small treat) with a punny tag on them can be left as surprises for anyone.

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