Keep Goals Visual and Visible

Some ways to make goals visual and visible:

Tammy Cravit’s Post-It Portable Workspace

Write goal action steps on sticky notes to place between today’s date and the goal statement written on a piece of paper. -from the book “Time Management for the Creative Person” by Lee Silber.

David Seah’s Task Order-Up lines up action steps on a rail so you (and everyone else!) can see what’s next. You could also use index cards and magnets on a magnetic whiteboard.

Make or purchase a big whiteboard.

Make your own visual thermometer.

Make a collage of your goals.

Life Map

Make a mind map with Mindmup

Make foldable goals to carry with you.

Daily PlanIt Goal Master List and Goal Charts

Print a Goal Master List from Buttoned Up.

Create a Wordle word cloud of your goal.

Set your top priority goal as a screensaver on your computer.

Make a video about your goal.

Write affirmations on your mirror with bar soap or washable window markers.

More Ways to Make Goals Visual

Additional Reading

How to Make a Vision Board by Christine Kane

How to Get Where You Want to Be at Get Everything Done

Create the Gallery of Your Life at Success Begins Today

Remind Yourself

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