Design and Deliver a Delightful User Journey


It is a journey that we have all been on as we attempt to solve a problem. We seek answers, consider options, and make decisions about the best solution. When we succeed and discover a product or service that meets or exceeds our needs, we are delighted and eager to repeat the experience.

The first step in the journey is AWARENESS. The user becomes aware of pain, and needs to resolve a problem. This need can be met with IKEA: Intigue them, Know user needs, Educate and entertain, and Attract with advertising.

The next step of the journey is INTEREST. As the user becomes interested and needs to learn more, they often explore the website. The “I” in interest, is all about them – the user. To meet this need, your website should:
  • Inform – clearly convey what you do and how it will help them.
  • Invite – welcome them with easy navigation.
  • Include why you do what you do, and answers to FAQs.
  • Inspire trust and belief in the value you provide.
Next the user CONSIDERS and evaluates options. They need to choose the best solution to their problem. Use POV to meet this need.
Provide testimonials,
Offer free trials or samples and
Visual demonstrations to present a convincing point of view.
The user may have a question that needs to be answered before they make a final decision. At this point, they may reach out and CONTACT you. To meet this need use EQ – be:
Easy to contact, and
Quick and accurate with a response.
The next step in the user journey is when they COMMIT to action and choose to purchase a product or service. They need to receive it and use it quickly. To meet this need, ensure EASE:
Easy shopping and check-out
Accurate and fast delivery
Special packaging that may include tips and recommendations for additional purchases.
Extras like a discount for a referral, and remember to THANK them.

For a COMPLETE user journey, the user should be delighted with what they receive. They need to change the pain into a gain that provides a solution. To meet this need, ASK:
  • Ask for feedback and reviews.
  • Satisfaction and Support – follow-up to be sure they are happy and able to use the product or service.
  • Know what they think – survey users to find out.
The final step in the user journey is CONTINUE. If you have succeeded, the user becomes a loyal advocate. They want to share their experience with others and repeat it. They need to continue with the solution. To create EAGER users:
  • Exceed expectations. Provide:
  • Amazing product or service,
  • Great customer service.
  • Engage with them- invite them to join you on social media and to return.
  • Remind them to repeat the process!


CORRECT complaints to keep your reputation (and customers). If a mistake happens, the proper response to a customer complaint can create an even more loyal customer. Use REP and you will likely keep your reputation and your customer. Keep your REP: 1. Respond quickly 2. Express apologies 3. Problem solved – Right the wrong.

Meet user needs every step of the way to design and deliver a delightful user experience! For an example of a delightful user journey, read 10 ways to be like Dollar Shave Club

Learn more at Pinterest boards for User Experience and Key Performance Indicators

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