Improve Communication with Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs personality types are 16 combinations of 8 categories:

  • Extraversion or Introversion – how you gain energy (from people -or- time alone)
  • Judging or Perceiving – how you organize (with order -or- flexibility)
  • Thinking or Feeling – how you decide (with reason -or- values)
  • Sensing or Intution – how you view information (see details -or- possibilities)

Identifying personality types can help in finding a compelling career. It can also improve communication. An illustration from the Myers Briggs Company shows that each category has preferences for different kinds of communication. The article has a link to an interesting study on Myers-Briggs personality types and email too.

Communication and Myers-Briggs Personality Types

  • Extrovert – prefer lively group discussions
  • Introvert – prefer one-one discussions and time to think
  • Judging – be organized, give definite decisions
  • Perceiving – be open, give options
  • Thinking – be logical, explain reasons
  • Feeling – show empathy, describe effect on people & values
  • Sensing – be clear & direct, give facts, details, examples
  • Intuition – be imaginative, describe the vision

For example, as an INFJ I prefer one to one communication with time to think. I like organized information and definite decisions, imaginative language that describes the big picture and the effect on people and values. In each category there is a range with some stronger preferences along a spectrum, and there can be crossover among categories. I also enjoy lively group discussions, especially about ideas, and have an interest in details. It can always be helpful to ask.

The chart above can help communication skills. Does this guide match up with your Myers-Briggs personality type? Head over to the Daily PlanIt Facebook page to comment!

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