Top 10 Posts of 2014

Here are the top 10 posts of the year at The Daily PlanIt in 2014:

Free Tools
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Identify Emotions
Apps for Happiness and Personal Development
A paper planner tool for the weekly review
Top Ten Personal Development Sites
The portable gtd mini system
GTD Essentials
Combating Procrastination
Run Your Day Like an Athlete

Interest in the free tools posted here is always high. The identify emotions post is not new, but remains a popular topic, while interest in productivity continues to be high.


One thing I’ve learned this year is about the overlap between:

  1. happiness habits,
  2. personal development (of which productivity is a part) and
  3. skills for success.

An overlap in all 3 subjects occurs in the areas of Social, Relationships, and Mental. Many of the top 10 skills employers are looking for are mental, but the top 2 are Communication and Teamwork. Sharing is a key happiness habit in the social area, and communication is important in all relationships.

More overlap occurs in the happiness habits and personal development. Breathing and exercise in the physical area, meditation and gratitude in the spiritual area, and emotional awareness in both. I believe these skills are also helpful for career success.

It’s pretty easy to sell people on the benefits of happiness! When you start with the happiness habits you will also be developing personally and developing work and career skills. Add in more personal development and you will gain still more work and career skills. This overlap indicates that increasing skills in communication, goal setting and productivity provide a high return on investment of time spent on developing them.

Resources from The Daily PlanIt to learn these key skills are:

CommunicationCommunicate Well, and Skills Employers Want: #1 Communication

Goal SettingHow to Set Goals tutorial, the How to Start a Fire free eBook on discovering what you are passionate about,  “On Purpose” course at Udemy, and my “Get Goaling” ebook.

ProductivityTime Management 101 tutorial

I am fascinated by the process of learning to read English and the idea of gamification to make learning fun. Phonics and literacy have become my passion project. I also write about personal development, goal setting, and time management. I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively.

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  1. […] reviewed the top posts of 2014 I concluded that three skills: communication, productivity and goal setting, contribute the most […]

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