The Daily PlanIt Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) System for Productivity

SupermanThe Daily PlanIt Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) System is super simple, super easy, and super flexible. And it’s free! The K.I.S.S. System:

  • Combines the benefits of both electronic and paper systems
  • Allows printing of the calendar, To-do list, and other lists
  • Is accessible and synced across all electronic tools wherever you are: computer, smartphone and tablet
  • Has the ability to include repeating or recurring tasks for both work and home
  • Includes goals and projects for both work and personal life
  • Is fully customizable for your life
  • Can follow Getting Things Done (GTD) principles

The K.I.S.S. system is based primarily on Google: Google Calendar, Google Tasks for To-do list (plus some apps) and Google Drive for other lists.


Here is a brief view of the K.I.S.S. System:

Learn about Google Apps
Google Calendar + Tasks + Google Tasks to add/delete tasks@computer. Syncs with To-Do apps
Google Drive + Docs For Lists
Google Chrome Browser + the extension for Google Tasks. shares still more Chrome extensions for productivity.
Gmail Gmail If you use Gmail, you can even add an email to the tasks list.
Google Keep app Handy for quick notes and idea capture

Two Android apps:

Both sync w/Google, can set reminders and recurring tasks. Can set priorities with a star in Tasks & To-do for Google Tasks or mark urgent in GTasks.

Tasks & To-do for Google Tasks app Add/delete tasks @smartphone/tablet. With the Google Nexus tablet, you can speak to add tasks. Excels at: ease of use, appearance, adding separate lists with sub-tasks. Can send an email to yourself to print, but only of one list at a time.
GTasks app Excels at: printing all task lists at once by sending an email to yourself.

iOS apps for iphone/ipad

Many To-do apps are available: choose one that syncs w/Google, has the ability to print and other options desired. Go Tasks and zendone work on both iOS & Android.

In Google Drive, you can create all the lists you need: Goal and Project Master Lists, value statement, ideas and more. If you don’t want the features of the To-do apps, you can create a simple list for To-dos in Google Drive. If you follow the GTD system, you can set your lists up for that. The Evernote app is also popular for keeping lists, but Google Drive works great for me. Create a system that works for you from the K.I.S.S. System or whatever works for you. Share your system at the Daily PlanIt Facebook page.

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