The portable gtd mini system

The newly spiffed up paper planner for the weekly review is working well. I found nifty slash pockets that fit the planner to hold the frequently changing lists.

The next step was to think about what the minimum elements were that I need to carry with me daily. has monthly calendars that go in the top slot of my index card holder. Then I discovered I could make mini-folders out of notecards that slip inside the holder. There are 4 mini-folders:

  1. Next actions/incoming
  2. Projects
  3. Ideas (someday/maybe)
  4. Information

Inside these are lists printed out from my Google docs. (any list application would work for this) This is a great capture/collection tool, as well as providing the information I need for planning on the fly. It works well in tandem with the desk paper planner for the weekly review and the lists on the computer.

During this process, I’ve updated the Daily Review and the Incoming Tasks cards. All nine updated information cards are now available here in one pdf file, or Foldable Productivity Info (doc)

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17 comments on “The portable gtd mini system

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  2. Thanks for the post. I recommend to clients they carry the following:

    o calendar
    o actions list
    o [waiting for]
    o [projects]
    o capture tool (i.e., blank pad/cards)
    o Action Support folder (for actions needing paper that doesn’t have a dedicated folder)
    o Read/Review folder (for those “between” moments – only for FYI reading, BTW)
    o relevant project folders

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