How I use Google Drive for Lists

Lists are an important part of any time management system. In an electronic system, there are different options available for lists: and Evernote is very popular. I use Google Drive for most of the lists in my system. A combination of Google Tasks and the apps Tasks & To-do for Google Tasks and GTasks works for my To Do list. The following illustrations show how I organize folders and documents for the lists I keep in Google Drive.


I also have a folder with lists to capture Ideas. Your core value statement: mission statement or Unique Selling Proposition, is the central point from which goals, projects, and actions flow.


I find it really helps to have this where I can always review it.


This is what my Goal Master List looks like:


And here is my Project Master List:


Some lists for Today:


Some lists for Planning:


Google Drive is simple to set up, flexible and easy to use. You can create links and include photos, spreadsheets, and there are probably more options beyond what I’ve discovered. I think it’s a great way to keep the lists you need. Learn more about The Daily PlanIt Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) System for Productivity.

For the Getting Things Done, or GTD, system lists include: next actions, projects, waiting for, and someday/maybe.

How do you manage lists? Let us know on our Facebook page. See more about how I manage my system and workspace.

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