Have you mastered productivity?

The 2Time Mgt Blog compares Tae Kwon Do Belt Colors to productivity mastery on eleven levels. Much knowledge can be gained from reading the individual posts. I was intrigued by the idea of seeing how to gradually improve skills on these different levels, and was motivated to create a pdf that compiles them. See the post on Putting it All Together for a sample personal development plan.


Productivity Levels (pdf)

see also: “Ready to Test for Your Belt?” from MarkTaw.com.


8 comments on “Have you mastered productivity?

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  2. Hmm… This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a list of productivity list. It actually makes me laugh now I don’t appear to have mastered much at all. I’m not a very organized person after all. Productivity comes to me in small doses and spontaneously, too! I guess this isn’t a good combination. But let me take a peek at that list again. I just might aspire to be a level or two higher.

  3. Hello,

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