Choose and Schedule Regular Exercise

Physical – Activity: Choose & Schedule Regular Exercise


It is well-known that exercise provides many benefits, both physical and mental.


Find simple ways to add exercise into your life.

1. Choose an exercise. Pick one you can enjoy and that will provide the effect you want. You may want to change routines for variety.

2. Decide on a time and place.

3. Identify obstacles: Do you need a dvd, workout clothes or equipment?

4. Decide how you will track your progress. Will you mark a calendar each time you exercise? Will you use a chart? Or an app like Myfitnesspal on your smartphone or tablet?


Daily PlanIt Exercise Chart: Foldable Exercise Chart (pdf) with 6 forms per page, close to 3 x 5 size) and Monthly chart for daily goals (pdf)

More Forms: Printable food diaries at Make healthy food choices and track diet

Your Mission:

I will choose an exercise and a regular time and place to do it. I will obtain whatever I need to make this happen and exercise at least three times this week.


I will alternate aerobic exercise with weight lifting every evening at 6:30pm for 30 minutes.


This is one of the weekly activities for a Year of Personal Development.


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