The Study of Productivity

When it comes to time managment systems, I have wondered about the percentage of people who:

  • use only paper
  • use only electronic
  • use a combination
  • have no time management system

I couldn’t find any statistics on this, but a good percentage of 61 experts at use a combination. Everyone is different, and what really matters is to come up with a productivity system that works for you.

Still, it is fun to see how others manage their time, and sometimes you can even get ideas that will work for you.

How much time do you spend:

Check out the infographic based on research in productivity at The Science of Productivity for a daily routine, and learn more at Time management 101.

It can be a lot more enjoyable to spend time learning about productivity than to actually act on the information. Keep in mind the ratio of time spent studying vs. the number of ideas you find that will work for you. Try to set a limit on the amount of time on these activities and focus on getting the important stuff done.

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