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Planning is Thinking, and the ability to plan is a skill that employers want. Learn more about Daily Planning and create a Weekly Plan during the Weekly Review to see how your week will look in a week view. For each day of the week, what’s on your calendar? What repeating tasks for work and for home need to be accomplished? What meals do you plan to have? Schedule action steps for your goals and projects, and include time for personal development and maintaining relationships. Include some things to do for fun.

Weekly planning gives you a look at the big picture. You can see how busy your week is, and see quiet times where you can schedule action steps and additional tasks from your master list. It takes time and thought, which can be difficult to manage once in the middle of a hectic week. It’s important to choose a time for planning that works well for you.

Select items from:

  • Calendar: meetings, appointments, deadlines
  • Repeating tasks: work & home duties
  • Goal and project plans
  • Menus

to add to a weekly plan.


Free printables from the Daily PlanIt


Also see the steps and questions for a Weekly Review, and a form to track Weekly & Monthly Reviews An Annual Review.

More Tools: Weekly Planner from Vertex42 | Weekly Schedule from Studentlinc (pdf) | Weekly Strategy Worksheet from GetButtonedUp | More at Pinterest

Learn More: Video from Stephen R Covey (7:11) | Weekly Planning from The Art of Manliness

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18 comments on “Weekly Plan
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  2. Katy says:

    I do something similar by Setting out all my tasks for the week. It means I get a goof overview of what I have to do. Plus, after I check stuff off I can see what I’ve been procrastinating on and give myself a kick to get on with it!

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  4. William says:

    The blog was precisely fantastic! Lots of good information and enthusiasm, both of which we all need!

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