Know Your Target Audience

A brand is all about communicating in a very targeted way, regardless of whether for a business or on a more personal level. A brand is about getting very clear on purpose, promise, and personality to deliver a consistent position. A brand connects a carefully crafted message about what you offer with the right people.


To know your target audience, develop a persona or profile that includes the demographics, psychographics, personality, and motivations of those who need what you offer. Download the Customer Persona pdf.

  • Bio – location, education, occupation, roles, responsibilites
  • Demographics – sex, age, marital status, children, income
  • Psychographics – hobbies, interests, favorites, opinions, values
  • Personality – characteristics of Myers-Briggs TypesMyers-Briggs Pinterest board
  • Motivations – of typical Archtypes
  • Channels – preferences for social media or other channels
  • Pains – who has the problems that you solve?
  • Gains – how do you meet their needs?

Some information can be located with research, or you can ask with focus groups, interviews, and surveys.


When you know your target audience, you can reach out to them with content that communicates the value you provide and helps them. You can design and deliver a delightful user journey that meets their needs.

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