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Is there a cause you are passionate about, or a problem you want to solve to make the world a better place? This Change Toolkit provides links to tools to develop a plan of action to advocate for change. Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend describes a webinar in his article 18 Field-Tested Steps to Launching a Non-Violent Revolution. I’m sure there are more tools out there, if you know of some please share them at the Daily PlanIt Facebook Page.


I developed a couple tools of my own while working on a plan:



Develop a brand (see the Brand and Purpose Toolkit) to use for communicating your idea or vision in a way that is clear and compelling.

Design for contagion.

All these elements should be as captivating as possible.

Consider the Success Model from Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

And the Stepps Model from Jonah Berger’s “Contagious: Why Things Catch on.”




Ultimate Guide to Building Your Tribe at

Target market or audience demographics:

Choose Channels to reach the target market

Create resources to spread the word and form groups to support the idea. Resources I created for Whole Life Fitness include a brochure with agenda ideas, links at the Daily PlanIt Wiki, a Youtube playlist, a flyer, and a bookmark.

Resources to start a group

1. Choose a method:

2. Choose a time, date, and place

3. Invite others (Create an event, a flyer at, make Brown Paper Tickets)


TED Talks

The Leading Change playlist at Youtube includes all the videos mentioned, plus a few more.


More Books

“Make Waves” by Patti Johnson

Crash Course in Changing the World

Collective Action Toolkit from Frog Design

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