Positive Shift Happens Toolkit

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The practices shown by Positive Psychology to increase happiness and well-being, just happen to spell out BE MEASURING. Free printable pdf of the Building Blocks of Positive Shift. The Building Blocks fall into the Four Ps of Positive Psychology: Power Up, Pause, People, and Purpose, with three in each area. Learn the Power of the Pause to create positive shift.


Breathe – Practice Deep Breathing

Exercise – Choose and Schedule Regular Exercise, The Economy of Goals

Meditate – Practice Meditation

Emotions – Emotional Intelligence

Aspire – How to Set Goals & Time Management 101

Share – Sharing is caringVolunteer, printable ideas for giving calendar at 12 Ways to Give, Random Acts of Kindness bookmark, Gift tags for simple gifts of appreciation

Uplift –Uplift yourself with positive thoughts, quotes and videos. Listen to uplifting music. Uplift others with compliments and kind words.

Relate – Don’t Wait – Relate with ideas for shared activities. Free printables at Stay Connected at Develop a Support System | Seasonal Bucket Lists at Choose the Best Recreational Activities | Recreational activities at Quality Leisure. Communication is key, especially Listening Skills (2 pdfs) | Conversation Bingo at A Networking Game Card

Increase Flow – How to Increase Flow infographic. Use the talents that cause you to lose track of time.

Notice – Take a mindful moment to Look up, be aware, pay attention, smell the roses, enjoy tastes, savor and appreciate life, etc. Plan activities and anticipate them, remember good times.

Gratitude – Gratitude Journal at Keep a Gratitude Journal

Resource Guide for the book Positive Shift Happens (pdf)


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