Branding Toolkit – a one page personal strategic planning form

BRAND: a promise to deliver benefits that are different from the competition.

When you know your brand, you will know how to plan.

The tools in this kit are geared toward developing a personal brand, but many can also help for business branding. A few that are for business branding can be adapted for a personal brand. Don’t miss all the tools at the Brand and Purpose Toolkit, including an editable Venn diagram for Mission, Vision and Values.


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Download a one page Strategic Plan (pdf)


What are my strengths? What needs to be done to develop strengths? Who is the competition? What makes me unique and different?
What problem do you always want to solve? What are your top values? What is your purpose? What will the world look like in the future if you solve the problem?
What do you do? How do you solve the problem that you are always chasing? Which channels will be most effective at reaching your target audience and getting your message across? How can you connect to a social cause you believe in?
Benefits | Measures: Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard, Personal Annual Metrics, Personal Development Plan | Target Audience: Personas, demographics | Results
What do you need to measure to know when you are reaching your goals? What are the benefits of what you do? Who are you trying to reach with your message?
Brand promise, elevator speech | Appeal to emotions, storytelling | User Experience | Design/appearance
How can you most effectively communicate your message verbally and in print? How do you want people to feel when they interact with you? Are people delighted by their interactions with you? Do you provide value? Do you respond promptly? Do your social media pages and promotional pieces clearly communicate your message?
Learn more: Strategy Map at Wikipedia | Marketing U
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